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Welcome to Food & Drinks the home of Food & Drink Recipes, we have thousands of Drink Recipes, and soon to be Food Recipes and much more… You will find detailed instructions on how to make amazing food and cocktails and their ingredients. Check out some of our Popular Cocktail Recipes.

If you thought mixing cocktails was complicated, then think again. We want to make it easy so everyone can make great drinks at home! Check out our great tips and our resident drinks expert Scotty Boxa will show you how to make some of the most Popular Cocktails with step by step videos.

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St Patricks Day

The St. Patrick’s Day holiday has a rich history in Irish culture and it’s a great excuse to party.  Here are some of our most popular St Patrick’s Day Cocktails and Drinks everything from popular Irish Named, leprechauns and green drinks. Check out our collection of St Patrick's Day Cocktails & Drinks

Green Cocktails & Drinks

Are you seeing Green? Need some Green cocktails for your next party / fancy dinner or themed night. Well here is our pick of the most popular Green coloured cocktails and drinks we could find. Keep coming back because we are always adding new ones!. Check out our collection of Green Cocktails & Drinks

Easter Cocktails & Drinks

Easter time is that time when we all have way to much chocolate….. wait… is that even possible? Check out our selection of Easter Cocktails & Drinks

Most Popular Shooters & Shots

Shots are always a great party started (or ended) But they don’t all have to knock you off your feet. Below are some of our most popular shot recipes and shooters. Give them a try or check out our full list of Shot Recipes here.

Popular Shot Recipes

Most Popular Jello Shot Recipes

Jello Shots are always fun for every party. Below are some of our most popular Jello shot recipes and shooters. Give them a try or check out our full list of Jello Shot Recipes here.

Popular Jello Shot Recipes

Popular Drink Themes

Having a themed party or after a drink to suit your party colour scheme. Then check out all our cocktail themes to suite you needs. Click here for more cocktail themes.

More Drink Themes